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  • Do I need to book a Snorkel Tour?
    Yes, it is necessary to reserve, to ensure your spots on the desired day. It is advisable to reserve several days in advance, although we keep groups open as long as there are spots left.
  • Do I need to be able to swim to participate in the Snorkel Tour?
    Yes, it is necessary to be able to swim and not be afraid of the deepness, even though you swim with a snorkel vest.
  • What is the minimum age to join the Snorkel Tour?
    The minimum age is 7 years old and must be able to swim without being afraid of the deepness. Each participant swims with a snorkel vest for greater safety.
  • What timetables are there to do the Snorkel Tour?
    The schedule of the snorkeling tours depends on the day chosen and availability of spots. To know the timetable, it is necessary to make a reservation with the day and number of participants, with no obligation or payment.
  • Where do I store my belongings during the Snorkel Tour?
    Small belongings such as wallets, phones or keys are stored safe by the instructors in waterproof bags until the end of the tour. The rest, such as towels, clothes or backpacks, stay on the shore without a problem.
  • Where does the Snorkel Tour start?
    Our Snorkel Tours begin at the meeting point in Tabarca, where the instructors introduce themselves and take the group to the beach chosen according to the sea conditions. The tour begins with a swim from the shore. There is no additional boat involved.
  • What is the difference between Snorkel Tour and Snorkel Tour + Ferry?
    The snorkel tour begins in Tabarca, for which you have to organise the transportation to the island(from the nearby ports) on your own. The snorkel + ferry tour includes the round trip ferry from the port of Alicante.
  • Where does the Ferry leave from?
    The Ferry (with Kontiki Cruises) leaves from the port of Alicante. There are several times available to choose from for both the departure and the return trip. The ferry takes 1 hour to reach the island and each should be on time for the start of the snorkeling tour. With your ferry ticket, the return trip is open to board any of the available ones.
  • Where is the meeting point in Tabarca?
    We will indicate our meeting point once we receive your online reservation, along with all the details.
  • Where can I rent snorkeling equipment?
    To rent snorkeling equipment, it is not necessary to reserve(unless you wish to rent 6 or more). You can do the rental in the port of Alicante, at the ticket booth of the ferry to Tabarca(Kontiki) before boarding. The rental is not available in Tabarca.
  • How many hours can I enjoy the Snorkel Rental?
    Enjoy the rental of equipment the entire time you are in Tabarca, from the moment you rent it in Alicante before boarding the ferry, until you return to the boat back to Alicante.
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