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Benefits of Snorkeling

Are you planning to visit the Island of Tabarca this summer? If so, have you given any thoughts of what to do on the Island all day? Let us recommend you the number one activity, that most people do while visiting Tabarca, and explain why we think it is the best choice…

  • In a hot summer day, snorkeling gives you the chance to jump in the water and refresh yourself.

  • You will know what´s happening underneath your feet while swimming, and discover a new world that is so full of life.

  • Snorkeling is an exercise that helps you keep in shape without getting too tired or exhausted.

  • You will experience the adrenaline of meeting exciting sea creatures face to face.

  • Snorkeling is the perfect activity to share with anybody, regardless of age or gender.

  • There is not much preparation needed, nor any material that is hard to come by.

  • Tabarca is home for many many sea animals, including star fishes, octopuses, turtles and all kinds of fishes.

  • You will find underwater caves, reefs, sunken boats etc, and the legend/history of the Island will suddenly make more sense.


We hope that reading this, you will join us to explore this beautiful world hidden underneath, in the MARINE RESERVE of Tabarca Island.

Ferries every day ALICANTE-TABARCA with Cruceros Kontiki! For schedules and time tables, please visit

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