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Tabarca in Spring

Updated: May 13, 2021

Have you ever wondered what Tabarca looks like in Spring? Let us share why people like to go to the island at this time, and at the end, we are sure you will not want to miss out either! First of all, the views are breathtaking, and the colours are so different than in summer, that sometimes you feel like you are not even on the same island. At this time, there are only a few tourists, even on the weekends, so you will appreciate the quietness, and it's perfect for a nice getaway from the crowed city.


The campo(field), which is the main part of the island, is usually greener than ever before, due to the more frequent rain in this season, and there are many different types of birds flying around, making it so peacful to be there. Also, you can appreciate the endless views across the field, and take a long walk around, without even meeting other people. It's the perfect activity for your family or couple, so don't hesitate, come and let's do a hike.


Eventhough the water is a bit cold at this time, we have to say that the marine life is espectacular in spring, you can enjoy a big variaty of underwater species, some you barely see in summer, so it is the perfect chance to see nature as it is without the boats that normally come too close to the shores, forcing the underwater life to hide. So if you have a wetsuit, and would like to explore the marine world of Tabarca in spring, we promise that you will not be disappointed.


If you feel more like taking a walk into the village, see the museum, the wall, the church or the 'calas', it is also a great time to do it in spring. There are some restaurants open as well, so you can enjoy a nice lunch while watching the many different colours of the flowers that are just blooming, making the island so colourful that you wouldn't see in summer. On top of that, you will find the beaches so quiet and empty, that you will feel like it is all for you.


So all in all, we can only encourage everyone to visit the island, does not matter what time of the year, because as you can see, each time/season Tabarca has it's beauty. We hope that we answered some of your questions on what's Tabarca like in spring, and if you are planing a nice getaway, the island is waiting for you, so do not hesitate, jump on one of the boats of Kontiki, and enjoy a nice ride at sea as well.

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Amazing, can't wait to be there again😎😍

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